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AMERICAN REVOLUTION: LETTER TO THE EDITOR. We are a mistaken people. They think we care about something as petty as money. They think we have too much pride. They think they can oppress us because they are strong and we are weak. But I know that my people have hope and unity. I see nothing but fear in their actions, they’re afraid of losing us. In fact, it is no secret that they already have. We do not wish for the king to abdicate his throne nor do we wish for our motherland to face turmoil. We simply demand freedom and justice from the very individuals who have stripped us of our basic liberties, enslaved us, and robbed us. All we want is to be exonerated from this blame of causing turmoil in their country and freedom from their economical oppression. They blame us for starting the French and Indian War. But do they ever thank us for giving them new land? I am proud to be a patriot; it is the mere notion that we believe in our birth liberties that catalyzes this pursuit for independence. A coup shall rise if we are not given our ultimate freedom. They are hypocrites! Telling us to pledge allegiance to a country which takes “care” of us? Lies! They have violated their own constitution and abused us. They cannot raise taxes on us for their selfish pursuits. We have no legal representation in the parliament yet they find it suiting to impose excessive taxes on us; one after another. We stand our ground. We will no longer pay taxes to a monarch that we are not the subjects of anymore. If we do not get representation in England’s parliament we have no choice but to secede from the very land that we were born and raised in. We are harassed and exposed to serious outbreaks of violence. This is not where we want our children to live. Our skin is burnt and scarred from tar. They have no limits; they will go to any extent to break our free will and make us deferential to their commands. I commend all my fellow patriots who dumped tea in the Boston Harbor and their constant advocacy for independence. I have built my house with my own two hands, now on the basis of false allegiance to a motherland I do not care for, they are making me house and provide for the very men who are killing my neighbors. The British Parliament easily passed the “Petition of Right” but refuses to abide by its very own principles of opposition to quartering troops without permission. Why? Because we are just colonists. They mock us but we are not daunted by them. They may have killed our army at Concord in the name of their “lauded” monarch, but they will not kill our spirits. We will keep fighting. In fact, I hear talks about declaring independence from England. The news has spread all thought about the New England colonies. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by minutemen who have received this news as well. Nonetheless, I have a strong feeling that this time we will decimate all of them and hail ourselves victors. Does the Magna Carter not ensure liberty and justice for all free men? But then again, are we really freemen in this despotic government? I would like to urge the Parliament to review our “English Bill of Rights.” We have been promised that money will not be levied for the use of the crown; yet it does not seem that the taxes imposed on us are helping any other cause but the selfish pursuits of those in power back in the motherland. We have protested and petitioned against the king; yet instead of heeding to our pleas, a standing army (another violation of our rights) burn and scar our skin with tar. But instead of fulfilling their duty as listeners of our grievances, the