We Need To Be More Reliant On Resources Within The United States

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Under the administration of president Barack Obama, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years. My opinion of this debate is that we need to be more reliant on resources within the United States. “As the world’s largest energy market, the US is a major producer and consumer. The growth in demand over the past two decades has resulted in a rising level of imported oil and gas which being that we can produce the fluid ourselves this should not be the case. The energy price shock of the summer of 2008, coupled with a significant economic slowdown, should have reversed the direction of the import bill over in the near future.” [(2009). USA Oil & Gas Report, 9-13.]
Due to the oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico, in Macondo will have a lasting impact on deep water offshore drilling policy. The US authorities released new safety regulations for deep water drilling. “For the US, oil is the leading fuel, accounting for 40% of primary energy demand (PED). Americans being worried about the environment drives the foreign demand, which now forecast to reach 4,268 million tons of oil by 2012, representing 8.1% growth over the period. The US 2007 market share of 59.8% is set to remain around this level to 2012.” [(2009). USA Oil & Gas Report, 9-13.]
We can use an alternative energy source, such as electric and solar power in the United States pulling away from the depended on foreign fluid. When we use electric and solar power, it will decrease the…