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Juan Izarraras
ENC 1101 COMP 1
Tiffany Collins
December 22, 2014

WE NEED TO DIET MORE In the U.S. we all have that problem of not dieting, why is that maybe is just because we are too busy or have a sit down job and we don’t have the time to hit the gym or eat healthy. Well dieting is a good source to maintain a good healthy life that means eating right, and exercising all the time. Let’s talk of what good habit’s you need to take. The first step you need to weight you’re self, see where you stand, find out what’s your BMI and see what is your height and after having those three steps you can jump to the second step. Find out the kind of diet you want to start anything from no carbs, to lean diet, or no soda diet. All diets are great ones just as long as you don’t break it and you follow it just the way it is. Knowing your stats it’s time to get started with the kind of exercise that you would like to start doing every day at least 30 to 40 Mins or even 1 hour a day and 3 to 5 five days a week exercise that is all up to you and what you feel comfortable with. When you know that you’re going to start your diet a night before make sure you ended up going to bed early and rest very well because in the morning is running time, let’s get up early and see how is going to start the day, make sure you have something that motivates you to keep going thru this run, take an MP3 player or cell phone with headphones to hear music. when running you have to set a goal and see how many miles you want to run and in how much time you want to meet this goal, well it’s time to run. When you start to run turn up your music and get it going. A lot of exercises will help you shape you’re body differently, there’s tons a different exercise that you can do to transform your body. Feeling great after you finish your first run of the new beginning will be tiring but it will be worth it. I promise you need to exercise and eat right so a lot of diets and diets if you want to get to a good pants sizes or the curvy body you been asking. Setting all your goal by a certain time of the year is motivating, maybe you want to be from pants sizes 6 to a pant size 3 you can do it, o yes, you can everybody