We should ban weed Essay

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We should Ban Marijuana

Do you know about Marijuana ? Does the Marijuana have benefit or not. The statistics show about nine point two percent use marijuana just only in the USA and more than fifty percent in the world use Marijuana ( Leger, Donna Leinwand )When you smoke or smell Marijuana, you can get the poison that stays inside of Marijuana. For example, if I walked by people that smoke, I can tell which people smoke or not. What age do you think people smoke Marijuana most? The fact found most teenagers use a lot of it. Do you know if you smoke a lot of it you can get a lot of problems; however, why do a lot of people use it. We should ban using Marijuana. The first reason why we should ban marijuana because after you smoke you receive THC. The THC is “ Chemical delta -9- tetrahydrocannabiol ( THC).” ( Drug Facts) If you get THC in your brain that very affect very much. According to the article” THC is the chemical responsible for most marijuana’s psychological effect.” (Livescience) that make smoker can changes their mind , their think ,or lose memory For example, if you smoke marijuana for twenty –year you can’t remember what did they do in the part than people who smoking that. Another that THC is effect the heart. According to Iverson that he said” In the animals, the main effect of THC and anandamide is cause a lowering of blood pressure; in the man…