We Should Legalise Euthanasia Essay

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After analysing the moral issue of whether or not we should legalise euthanasia I have personally decided that it should be legalised.
As much as we love the idea of being immortal, it is inevitable that we will all eventually die. It is just a matter of when, where and how. This might sound harsh but the unfortunate fact remains that immortality does not exist. I believe that if we are to die, that we should be allowed to die with dignity. If someone was to be diagnosed with a terminal illness and had no chance of recovery but still endured pain, what would you do? Do you let the patient live in agony or do you end their suffering? It is doubtful that the patient or their family would be thrilled with either option. Letting a patient live in such anguish only delays the inevitable. If you were to look at this from an Aristotlean Virtue ethical point of view you would understand why euthanasia should be legalised. Although most moral theories are opposed to killing people they also take into account many other factors. The moral theory of Aristotlean Virtue ethics views happiness as a priority. If you were to end someone’s life to make their family and the patients feel more at peace as well as happier that they no longer have to suffer, wouldn’t it be seen as the right thing to do?
The patients should have the right and freedom to determine whether they wish to die or not. We accept the putting down of animals when our pets suffer, how is it we cannot do the same for humans? If we feel that it’s right to end an animal’s suffering, then we can easily apply this concept to humans.…