The Pros And Controls Of Autotek

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We want to reduce the controls
The controls are not obsolete in our opinion
$500 or below cover 66% of all the MRO represented 5% of all MRO dollars spent.
AutoTek can save by not doing all the controls any more.
For implementing this procedure it doesn’t require any technology or outside expertise to change the AP policies, substitution of AP personnel by outside contractors there is no need to have a high qualified AP person in the office found on an invoice, concerning address and name of vendor
Printing out the checks, stuffing them in an envelope and stamping them can be completed by a person who does not have a bachelor degree outside contractor should get access to certain parts of the AutoTek AP system order to minimize vendor calls the vendors to check if payments are late or why the payment has not been processed yet.
It will take the vendors a while, until all have realized that the questions substitutes the expense reports contractor, but we found a computer system, that creates expense reports without human help. and puts all information on the expense report in a digital datafile.
All information needed to cut a check in the name

computer based system that substitutes the expense reports using smartphone without xpenditure
The only thing that has to be done by the person that wants to get reimbursed is to open the app on their smartphone and scan the receipt.
, the sales person and the AP person, are not required to put in data modify the procurement process,