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Web presence: Brown and Meyers has profiles on multiple social networking sites but posts are not kept up-to-date. These social networking sites can be of great benefit on the marketing side of business. With rich, relevant, timely content, potential customers are more likely to check out what’s going on with Brown and Meyers.

Limited Workforce Control: Workforce in home-based offices, physical control of their work habits is limited. Company policies and guidelines can dictate work requirements, schedules and other details but can be difficult to enforce over long distances.
Regulatory Compliance: Dealing with medical records and various other sensitive information can be subject to various state, federal or other government regulations. Regulatory compliance can be an ongoing issue that requires constant reporting and accountability. (This Can be a Threat Also)
Employment Growth will be limited Due to increased productivity stemming from Technological Advances : Modern platforms enhance productivity and so less number of people are required. If the organization is not growing, it becomes more difficult to attract and retain good staff.
Limited Start Up Costs: With Financial Constraints, this makes it very difficult for them to move to more modern platforms.
Retaining Work Force: Quality manpower is required to handle critical Court and Medical Documents. Many Professionals do not seem to look to be in this industry for a prolonged period of time