Weaknesses In Brainology

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What kind of two mindset have in a person? In the article “Brainology” by Carol S. Dweck says that you can have one mindset or have another. I disagree because you can find out in a persom that not only has one mindset. In which is if you keep reading the article it explains more about of a two or different things as a growth mindset. I think many can have a two minddset depending how well they can think.
Many people think that being smart is being to have a growth mindset which is actually achieving for what they want. I agree that growth mindset is about of a person that can have a great way to think of life like to learn new things. When a person thinks of a problem they think is difficult to solve it their selfs. Not everyone has the same way to have a growth mindset. A fixed mindset has its own ways of thinking like for example when a person is not quite correct of something they have their mind into something else if is either correct or not.
I believe that
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My strengths are to be productive in school and to work hard but as much as I can or get done. Also I have my weaknesses when I’m struggling with some problem that I don’t know like a math problem that I can’t understand. Or when I can’t have a solution to a problem is my weaknesses and including I don’t have patience with myself or with other people.
If you have a belief mindset can change you and get you through the difficult and good things with life. Especially the set mindset you have or any mindset you belief that you can have. Beliefs of mindset is why is important to have a good way of thinking or trying to hard for yourself. Also making challenges in life with the decisions you make. If you believe in yourself you’ll get what you want for a better life and education. Putting your strengths and weaknesses and changing them for battering yourself is also another way of