Weapons of Destruction Essay

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Weapons of Destruction
Weapons have been used in many ways, in many different wars. Technology has been getting better and more deadly every year. It has been a great thing and a wasted effort some say. Many different weapons have been an important aspect of in history itself because the whole world has used so many different weapons for every kind of situation. This paper will talk about three different weapons used in wars: the airplane, chemical warfare, and the nuclear bomb. When the Wright Brothers first successfully flew on their airplane, it was a revolution. Now planes have advanced so much that people can now fly all over the world. According to William Weir, “Oliver Wright made the worlds first manned ,controlled flight. It lasted twelve seconds”(Weir 154). The plane flew seven miles per hour. Years later the Blackbird could fly 2189 mph at an altitude 86000 ft (154). The airplane did prove itself to be a mater weapon in the sea and on land. Most of the bombing strategy that they used with the planes, was a wasted effort (156). Airplanes will always become more and more advanced in today society. In different wars, chemical warfare was used in many ways. It can be a very dangerous weapon if used correctly. If terrorists were to use some kind of chemical weapon, Nerve gas would be the choice of weapon. It wouldn’t be very surprising if they used it (Erwin 90). Last year, the United States laboratories had the strictest rules. It was to secure dangerous pathogens( 25). A lot of the time, the terrorists didn't have to smuggle any kind of weapon into the US, the used what they had here. All they had to do is look on the internet and they could find a way to make a dangerous weapon (97). Sandra Erwin points out, “The trust for Americas Health is releasing a report card every December, to remind the states of what to do in any case of attack of any kind (9)”. Chemical warfare can mess up peoples lives. It is one of the most dangerous weapons. More likely it will always be a Weapon of terror.
Nuclear Bombs have been a threat throughout history. The most memorable bombing was Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2. The bombing killed more than 100,000 people (Anhalt 1). Lindsey Anhalt notes “Ten miles from the hypo center, the place where the bomb hit, the force from the bomb caused many fatal injure.” One symptom was radiation (3). If you weren't killed by the bomb, you most likely