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Independent Reading Quiz
1. In the story, the setting changes a couple times. In the beginning of the story, the weather is very hot and humid in Florida. The in the middle of the story, rain storm begins in Alabama and there is tons of rain happening for about a week. Yes, I believe the setting is integral to the story because it is very essential to the plot. For example, the school influences the actions and characters, by causing them to do a prank and sneak off camps.

2. The protagonist is Miles “Pudge” Halter. He is a somewhat gawky and socially awkward teenager who memorizes famous last words. He and his friends pull pranks on the Eagle and the Weekday Warriors and try to bend the strict rules of Culver Creek. Miles tries to do things to impress Alaska, which leads into trouble.

3. The antagonist is the ‘Weekday Warriors,’ “a bunch of rich kids who don’t really care about anything and just want to pass their classes at.” The Colonel and the Warriors are always arguing and pulling pranks on each other. The Warriors want to pull the last prank and make sure it’s the best.

4. Alaska’s death was probably the main conflict of the story. The boys were taken in such shock because neither of them was expecting it. Alaska seemed fine the night before so they were completely in awe at the news they received. Things weren’t the same without Alaska, they seemed depressed and locked inside their rooms. Pudge and the Colonel started questioning everyone around