Weather or Not All Good Foods Are Healthy and Nutritious. Essay

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This essay will evaluate whether or not all good foods are healthy and nutritious. Not all good delicious tasting foods are good for you. At sacred chef cooking school not all foods were healthy and nutritious. The areas this essay will address are good nutrients such as iron, vegetables, protein, vitamins, minerals and more. This structure will also discuss menu analysing and the Australian guide to healthy eating. The menu that is analysed has a variety of good nutrients in food but this still does not mean that they all good foods are healthy.
All over the world, adolescent obesity is on the rise. This has led to an increase in obesity-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Experts believe this rise in obesity is due to lack of physical activity and an increase in the amount of fast food and "junk food" available to adolescents. Staying active and eating foods that are low in fat and sugar promote a healthy weight for teens. The phenomenal growth that occurs in adolescence, second only to that in the first year of life, creates increased demands for energy and nutrients. Total nutrient needs are higher during adolescence than any other time in the lifecycle. Nutrition and physical growth are integrally related; optimal nutrition is a requisite for achieving full growth potential. Failure to consume an adequate diet at this time can result in delayed sexual maturation and can arrest or slow linear growth. Nutrition is also important during this time to help prevent adult diet-related chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. Prior to puberty, nutrient needs are similar for boys and girls. It is during puberty that body composition and biologic changes (e.g., menarche) emerge which affect gender-specific nutrient needs. Nutrient needs for both males and females increase sharply during adolescence Nutrient needs parallel the rate of growth, with the greatest nutrient demands occurring during the peak velocity of growth. At the peak of the adolescent growth spurt, the nutritional requirements may be twice as high as those of the remaining period of adolescence.

The listed menu did encounter the nutritional intake adolescents should meet although some do not. The recipe’s did contain the nutrients needed for adolescents but was also extremely high in bad carbohydrates; the recipes contained too many sugars and fats. Spinach omelette was a great choice of iron intake as women need to put the nutrient back into their blood stream as they lose a high amount in their menstrual cycle. Lots of fresh green vegetables have many vitamins and