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Web 2.0 is about world-shattering fresh ways to create, editing and sharing the content online. It is also about the ease of use without the need of teachers or downloading information and users can master the site and tools in minutes. (Discovedry Education Web 2.0 tools, 2013) This is the second generation web (World Wide Web), but it is also a collective attempt that involves more interaction of users and permits many users to network with each other at one time by networking, blogging, and tagging, just to name a few features. Web 2.0 allows many businesses to communicate and interact with each other all over the world. Through social interaction, participation and collaboration users can participate actively on several web sites. There are several applications and technologies that include AJAX, tagging, blogs, wikis, podcasting, and Real Simple Syndication. AJAX is a technology that will allow specific portions of the website to refresh instead of the whole page to refreshing. This speeds up the response time a user will gain the information. Another advantage to Web 2.0, business can gain a large amount of information for its users by the information they are searching for. Tagging allows pieces of information to be classified largely. “Tagging allows users to place information in multiple, overlapping associations rather than in rigid categories.” (Rainer, R. K., Jr. & Turban, E/University of Phoenix Axia College, 2009, p. 147). Blogs are personal websites where people can express their feelings, opinions much like using an online public diary. Certain blogs web sites are well-known and have a large impact on businesses due to people can share their experiences, both positive and negative. Wikis is a websites that allows