Web Acessibility Essay

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Make web accessibility part of the school curriculum for computer science programs in colleges and universities. All government websites should be fully accessible so that society sees that it is a societal and cultural priority and thus accessibility is valued appropriately. Establish a strong research foundation to understand the needs and obstacles of accessibility and assistive technologies and make this public knowledge. Apply for funding for projects needed to be developed.
For smaller enterprises who do not have specialized IT skills, and may not have the funds necessary to implement full accessibility tax breaks and incentives could be given.
For large enterprises web accessibility may be included as part of the corporate strategy. Upper management has to mandate and enforce accessibility if it becomes so. Accessibility helps old people who may become less able over time, it helps communication with those who may have poor language skills, it can affect relationships with shareholders, board member, vendors and suppliers. It has far reaching impacts that can affect business flow and returns. These are markets that have not been strongly engaged with in the past. Companies need to know how significant the user population is that requires web access. They also need to be aware of the affects of loosing stakeholders because there is inefficient communication. When websites are accessible people with disabilities spend more time on them potentially generating more revenue this needs to be clearly understood. If it is part of corporate strategy IT departments from designers, programmers, system analysts and compliance will be given an proper allocation of time, training, support and clear guidelines.

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