Web Analytics and Venda Flash Merchandising Essay

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Competitors Assessments

| Magneto | Hypris | Venda | Fry | Elastic Path | Ability Comm. | Market Share | ++++ | +++ | ++ | + | + | Growing | Target Market | SME / Mid Enterprise | Mid Enterprise/ Enterprise | SME /Mid Enterprise | SME / Mid Enterprise | SME / Mid Enterprise | SME / Mid Enterprise | Product Review | Magento Enterprise | Hypris commerce | Venda enterprise | Fry open commerce platform | Elastic Path Commerce | | License Fee | $15k-50k | 100k+ /revenue share | $50K | No Licensed cost ( pay only for implementation services | $25k- $100K | ?? | Implementation Cost | $50K- $100K | $200K+ | $100k+ | $50k-$150K | $50 K+ | $30K | Delivery Option | SaaS | SaaS/ Licensed per CPU /custom Installation/ | SaaS /Managed Services /Revenue Share | Managed services | Licensed per CPU | Managed services | Modules | 3RD PARTY PLUGIN | Product Information, Management (PIM) Suite, Print Suite, Order Management, Call Center | Order Management, Fraud Management, Call Center Toolset, Advanced Search, Guided Navigation, Rules-Based Merchandising, Venda Imageware, Venda Flash Merchandising, Venda Behavioral Merchandising. | Fry OMS (Order Management System) | None | Site Fan , Chat Contest admin , Paypal, google ck outAbility OMS , Ability connect | Software Partners | Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrends, Coremetrics, Akamai, Mercado, Paypal, | Endeca, Avail, Omniture | PowerReviews, Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, Bazaarvoice. | Adobe Scene7, Omniture, Endeca, Lyris, Experian, Channel Advisor, CommercialWare, PowerReviews, CommerceHub, Borderfree, Chase, VeriSign | Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrends, Coremetrics, Akamai, Mercado, Paypal, SAP, Ecometry, Oracle, Interwoven, Documentum | Microsoft ( GP ) | Positive | A. Largest developer community B. Simple transparent pricing C. Faster deployment D. Offer a free demo environment E. Large network of referral partners | A. Strong B2C and B2B capabilities B. Solid technical architecture, all residing on single technology stack. C. Clients are easily able to establish multi-country sites in short time frame with little additional expenditure. D. Print management and POS integration provide multi-channel capabilities. E. Have 55 partners worldwide | A. Simple, transparent pricing model B. Clients report value for service and platform. C. No upfront implementation cost D. Basic order management system is included in platform and pricing E. Now has a U.S. Data Center through Savvis, which should improve concerns about response time for U.S.based shoppers. Venda only had one data center in the UK | A. User-friendly site management capabilities allow non-technical users to manage content B. Extensive out-of-the-box template and style-sheet capabilities for ease in creating superbly styled sites without use of creative agency Flexible framework with access to all code and data schemas if complete control is desired. | A. Flexible framework, with full access to source code that provides ability to create custom features or functions (e.g., recurring billings) Rapid implementation of simplistic websites. B. Elastic Path is responsive, allowing customer to hit target dates for implementations and upgrades. | A. Mature platform B. Scalable , modular architecture , all residing on a single technology stack C. Fewer integration point D. SEO friendly platform E. User friendly site management | Challenges | A. Not scalable B. No standardization when it comes to development C. Always customers has a support issue | A. Limited North American presence. B. Some reference report issues with implementations and integrations | A. While Venda currently services sales support for 11 countries, multi-country operators may have a difficult time maintaining product data in Venda Control Panel. B. While customers report general