Web Architecture: BT, Sky And Virgin Media

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In this document I will be discussing the factors that influence a website’s performance. To be able to do this I will have to look at various components of websites, such as proxy’s and software.
Web architecture
Introduction about web architecture
Web architecture is laying or grouping any similar areas of a web site. It gives the user the capability to see websites
Internet service providers (e.g. Virgin Media, BT, Sky)
What is an internet service provider?
An internet service provider is it refers to a company that provides Internet services, including personal and business access to the internet. This is done through a monthly fee.
Discuss 3 internet service providers and identify the differences between the internet offers they sell to customers.
I will be looking to analyze BT, Sky and Virgin Media.
Currently Sky has an offer of £5 on a monthly contract. This broadband is available to customers that are outside of their network area. This broadband has speed up to 16MB. You can also use the Internet away from home using the Sky Wi-Fi. Finally, you can view the TV on demand. (Sky.com, 2014)
BT has an offer that sits at £16 for 19 months, but internet can also be bought from one of their BT hotspots at expensive rates. The package includes the BT Sport app and online player, Unlimited Wi-Fi, BT Smart Talk, BT Parental Controls, BT Home Hub 4 and 2GB of BT Cloud. (bt.com, 2014)
Virgin Media also have offers. The first consists of £4 for 6 months and then £15.50 on a 12 month contract for the Virgin Broadband connection. This broadband has speed up to 50Mb therefore it is a very fast speed. It is 7 times faster than the regular broadband they have. They also provide the New SuperHub which is basically the UK’s fastest broadband therefore a SuperHub is a name of a router. Virgin will not expect customers to change their phone line with them. (Virginmedia.com, 2014)
What are the potential costs to an organisation of using ISP’s?
If the organization is down, then the whole internet system for their organization will also be out of use. They will also not be able to send emails via outlook, as the email systems will be down.
Web hosting services (e.g. free hosts; Google Sites, Free-space; paid hosts; JimdoPro, Fasthosts)
What is a web hosting service?
A web hosting service is a service provider that offers shared hosting or dedicated hosting of a service or services to clients. Hosting services are most often used for hosting web sites but can also be used for hosting other items, such as gaming and files.
What are the benefits to an organisation of using a web hosting service?
The benefits of using a web hosting service are that it has a backup, as a web hosting provider has processes and procedures in place to deal with such scenarios, has a high level of security, like spam filtering, virus scanning and a firewall configuration and a web hosting service has a reduced cost. This is because the business can hire a full-time web-master. Outsourcing this type of need to professionals allows businesses to still maintain their websites for maximum uptime while still being able to cut IT costs.
What are the potential costs to an organisation of using web hosts?
If their website is hiring a web-master, then money will be spent on that person. This section mainly depends on how big your business is, how many websites the company wants to have, location, internet time and customer service. This is based on how big the company is and how big you want it to become. If you are in the U.S.A, then you should get a company that’s based in America, but if you are based in the UK then you should get a hosting company based in the UK. Also the customer satisfaction is important too, if you were a customer having a problem with a phone, you