Web Design Company Helping Local Businesses Recover From Latest Google

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Web Design Company Helping Local
Businesses Recover From Latest Google
Penguin Update
Get Going Media, a website design and search marketing company based in East Sussex,
England they have been helping local businesses recover from the latest Google updates.
Sussex, UK, November 20, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - Many businesses suffered due to the update; some saw minor changes to the amount of visitors coming to their websites and others experienced massive drops in traffic resulting in a huge loss of income.

The update from Google, nicknamed Penguin 3.0, rolled out starting from 17th October. The effects spanned across the globe, with plenty of winners and losers. Pierre Far, Webmaster
Trends Analyst at Google said about the update “it’s a slow worldwide rollout, so you may notice it settling down over the next few weeks.” Although the update was supposed to improve the search experience for Google’s users by getting rid of spam sites and those without useful content, there were also some innocent casualties too.

Many local businesses, who have a limited marketing budget fell into one of the traps that seem to have been targeted by the update. One of the main factors in the latest Penguin update was the use of free directory websites and links from sites with little human usable content. Business owners trying to save money and low budget marketing companies were submitting their business details to directories and submission sites in order to get a free link back to their website. The plan was to increase their website’s ranking in search engines such as
Google, and it might have worked for a while. However, Google’s latest update devalued this type of link, taking away any previous search ranking benefit. This resulted in websites, especially those of local businesses, falling drastically down the Google rankings. Now, without any traffic coming into their websites, these businesses were left without large portions of their normal revenue.

Many small businesses do not have marketing teams, and won’t have their finger on the pulse

when it comes to Google updates or search engine optimisation techniques. Therefore, this major update could have gone unnoticed, or misinterpreted as a quiet spell. Sadly, businesses that didn’t react quickly to the update will have to wait for longer to get their rankings and revenue driving website traffic. With Christmas just around the corner, the timing couldn’t have been worse for online retailers affected by the update.

Recovering from the effects of the web update is a complex task and it could take months to get back to the previous state. The first required step for any website that fell victim to
Google’s latest update is to do a backlink audit. The process can be quick and relatively painless if the website in question only has a few links, however, many websites struck by the penalty have hundreds, even thousands of backlinks accrued over a period of years. For these websites, the process of a backlink audit is a daunting one.

Once the troublesome links have been identified the process doesn’t get much easier. Google wants to see these links removed in order to lift the penalty obtained by trying to benefit from them. If you have only got a few bad links you may think that it won’t be much of an issue, however getting the links removed from websites that you don’t control is