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Website Evaluation and Prototype for Redesign

Introduction Team A has been working together to create a list of essential design criteria for evaluating the Berry’s Bug Busters Website, a virtual organization. The team also completed a comparative review of two sites that have similar audience and purpose to the Berry’s Bug Busters Website. The intended audience for this website is people over the age of 18 that find themselves with a pest problem. There are no specific demographics related to the service offered. These two sites are Orkin and FreedomPest, which provide some useful examples of ways to improve upon the curent design of Berry’s Bug Busters Website. The following is the list of design features: Design
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Applying this principle would give the Web page visual unity. Analyzing Berry’s Bugs Blasters’ Web page, one can say that the simplicity of the design makes it difficult to see the visual unity since there are only two columns vertically aligned. While simplicity should be true for a website’s functionality, when applied to design it can often leave much to be desired.

Proposed Recommendations

• Incorporate FAQs.

• There should be a cost calculator based on square footage and pest problem.

• Adequate use of white space.

• Incorporate accreditations and licenses.

• Incorporate “Log in” for regular and recurrent customers to access “privileges”

• Incorporate social media logins.

• Incorporate a chat window.

• Create a more appealing and interesting design.

• Add more information about pests like seasonal pests, environment, conditions under which they grow, etc. and link it to PEST WE DEAL WITH.

Description of Proposed Changes

We have put several design features into our website Berry’s Bug Blasters to make it unique and to stand out from the crowd. During our research we had looked at several exterminator websites and have determined from a customer standpoint what we feel the customer would like to see when they visit an exterminator site.

The following are the descriptions of the changes we