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Web or Mobile System Paper
There are many programs and applications that have been created over the years to help organizations grow to what they are today. They might help move information faster or help organize it differently to present to other, but what we do know is that they bring something positive to that business. We’re going to be talking about one of those systems today and its name is Microsoft Office.
Most people who have used a computer have heard of or used Microsoft Office like I’m doing at this very second. We use it for most documents we create from writing paper, spreadsheets or power points. Most students will start early when using this program since they will be using it throughout their schooling and possibly in their career.
We use Microsoft Office in many areas of business from creating letters to give to coworkers or bosses to creating spreadsheets to show accountings numbers. Also use power point for meetings where you need to show a group of people what you’re talking about. Microsoft from my experience usually makes a solid product when regular updates if it requires it.
A few strengths that this program brings to the table are that it makes creating documents simple. Before Microsoft office came out, you would need to know a few things about computers before creating a document. It revolutionized the way the masses could create documents in a fast and easy way. The program gives you so many options for customizing the way you want things done. For example you can change font sizes, font types, and easily add bullet points when needed. There is such a long list of tools available for you to use on Microsoft Office to make your work easier for you.
Microsoft Office might be one the most efficient programs in its field but sometimes having so many options can make it hard to navigate them all. It takes time to figure out where all the tools are located on the program but you usually find out where they are in time. That’s