Website Analysis Essay

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Violet E. Knight
5555 Tunic Hazel Dr.
Smith, New York 1234

John Deer
Webmaster of Tree Hugger
3345 Design Tree Ave.
New York, NY 33696

March 6, 2013

Subject: Website Analysis

Mr. John Deer,

I am sending this memo in reference to your website, I have been assigned to evaluate your site based on the effectiveness and strength of the content within your site.
Your site was chosen because of the relevance it portrays towards a project that I have been assigned that is centered around green technology. My partner and I are evaluating several different sites about green technology and different resources that could be used to create a vehicle that is centered around green technology. This website has a great amount of information that pertains to this topic and it provides relevant sources for the information that is pertinent to my project. Therefore, I feel the need to express my concerns about the layout and design of this website. I do not intend to criticize anyone by doing so, but I do feel as if it is important to inform you of the analysis that I form about this website form a viewer’s standpoint.
My first impression of this site is that it needs more detail. The pictures at the top of each page are great for this topic, but I think there should be at least one more picture per page. I love the pictures beside each category. Those help to visualize the topic and this is a great design. The text is very small and it seems as if all of the information runs together at times, but I notice that there are certain areas that have bulleted or numbered points. This is also a plus, but I would suggest creating a way to provide the necessary information in a shorter format that doesn’t seem so tedious to read.
The main page contains different tabs at the top that allow the viewer to move from page to page freely. These tabs provide easy, organized access to each page and convenience while touring the site. I would definitely say this is a tremendous strength about the design of the website.
The overall appearance of this website is a little bland and I would suggest considering making