A Brief Note On American Humane Association

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Website Review

Name: Vinh Nguyen

Date: 6/28/14

Directions: Answer the following questions.

1. URL address: http://www.americanhumane.org/children/stop-child-abuse/

2. Name of web page: American Humane Association

3. Is this web page sponsored by an organization? If so, name the organization.

Sponsored by BBB, Charity Navigator, Best America, Animal Charities of America, CFC, and Partners for Healthy Pets.

4. Who would benefit from the website (e.g., parents, teachers) and why?

This site benefits both teachers and parents because there are facts about child abuse and neglect prevention. This allows the teachers and parents to understand what it means to abuse and neglect a child and helps teachers to know what they have to report or when they should report. This allows parents to know what actions are acceptable and what they can and can’t do. This site also refers to types of preventions a person could take as a bystander.

5. What types of resources are available (if any)
This site offers other sites to learn more about the topic, and also has a donation site for people who want to help children of abuse. This site offers a lot facts and information about the different types of child abuse.

6. Would you recommend this website? Why or why not?

Yes I would, because this site offers a lot of information on child abuse and is beneficial for people who need a quick refresher on this topic. This site is funded