Essay on Website and Selling Tactic

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I would never consider purchasing a paper from a website and submitting it as my own because I feel like it is against my morals and that I am just cheating myself. Even if God forbids my assignment is due the next day, and I have no paper to submit, I would not even risk purchasing a paper online because that would be considered plagiarizing. Also, who knows how many times that paper has been purchased and submitted by other people? Plagiarizing will not only give me a failing grade, but it will also be on my records. I believe that you don’t learn anything when you steal or pay for someone’s work and call it your own. If you paid for an education, graduated, but learned nothing relevant to your degree, then why even bother?

I do not agree with the website owner who said posting term papers is improving education by forcing professors to create more challenging assignments because it does not improve education if the students do not learn anything from it. Instead, I think that they are devaluing education because they have made it much easier for any student to “get a passing grade”. If they want to “improve education” then they should just shut down their websites to prevent some students from failing for submitting their plagiarizing papers. I believe that that is just another “selling tactic” that website owners use in order to lure the students into purchasing their papers.

From my professors’ perspective, the only thing I will do is stress the fact that