Website Evaluation Essay

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What do readers/consumers want from a site? Share your answers in a bulleted list
(indicate your answer with your initials in parentheses). E.g.

Non Fussy (KB)
∙ Interesting visuals but not overwhelming (FC)

Scannable (CG)
Clear titles (js)
­ Not have to t(EP)hink (LE)
Straight to the point (TS)
­ Eye­Catching Visuals (NG)
­Information (EP)
­Large Headings (EP)
Proper Formatting
Resourcefulness (
­ use of colors (js)fbf
Simplicity (CF)
Usability (CG)
Easily browsed, information at the bottom is just as accessible as that at the top (JL)
Sleek look, holding a lot of information while still maintaining a certain level of openness (JL)(EP

2. elements to consider? Aesthetics, for instance?(EP)
Each topic of information should have a heading (JL)
Each heading for topics should easy on the eye (LE) Layout, such as bullets, reducing clutter(NG)
Fonts and font colors should beey to organizing text (EP)
Layout of Images (MC)
Color choice of the heading and sub headings (EP) (EP) m 3.
Create headings using the answers to 1 above. Do it on this document. Define or explain each heading and then create a list under each to show what the site must do/or must have in order to supply what the heading demands. E.g.f


.Visual Appeal Fonts are consis tent and easy to read.
white space and graphic elements.


F onts are somewhat consistent. An attractive visual layout. ccColors and Fonts do no t 2H


good layout, but very dull, Lack of effective visuals. Font colors are difficucclt to read Webpage is a cluttered mess.
Difficult to understand visual elements. No images to correlate

Effective Use images and are well organized.

detract from content. Good use of images.

with the information. Content stuff in the website scannable, readable, straight to the point, flowing accurate info


Hook, engaging, accurate, descriptive, appropriate size font Weak headlines, appropriate, but not catchy, font size appropriate

Non effective,
No headlines or irrelevant to subheads content, headlines and subheads, small font, and little to no subheads, Usability and

very intuitive and easy to move through. Homepage has visible links…