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Kudler Fine Foods wants to improve the functionality of their current website to be more competitive. Team B will create a prototype which will include a mockup of a shopping cart appearance and an explanation of the functionality to allow the company to become more competitive. As part of this task, we will discuss and analyze how we will integrate online shopping cart functionality to Kudler’s site and how to optimize their site for search engines. We will also discuss the steps that were taken, challenges and obstacles that arose, changes and improvements that we made as we improved the functionality of Kudler’s website. In order to accomplish this task, we split the assignment into seven subtasks or areas of concentration. These seven subtasks are as follows: Identify basic XHTML tags and attributes used in your prototype; Compare how different web browsers display our prototype, what differences we noticed in the web browsers and what caused them; Describe how Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were used to format the site’s web content; Explain how JavaScript® arrays, loops, and conditional statements were used in our prototype; Identify professional web development standards we used in the development of the prototype; Explain how Metadata might promote this website; and Identify the process we will use to publish, maintain, and redesign this website.

• Identify basic XHTML tags and attributes used in your prototype.

As we began to improve Kudler’s website, we started with the development of a prototype and following our seven subtasks, brought us to identifying basic XHTML tags and attributes within the prototype. In this prototype, there are several different types of simple XHTML (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language) tags and attributes being used. Tags, simply put, define the overall look and settings of the tag contents. Some of the XHTML tags that we added were tables. We added table to help improve the website to provide enhanced methods for representing information through the markup. The table we used has complete enclosed table tags and the website has hypertext. Hypertext will help the customer by clicking on the hypertext it will link them to the pictures of the products that Kudler Fine Foods sells and we also added the shop by category, which will bring the customer to a page that show's prices of each item that Kulder sells and also makes shopping easy too. The customers can just add in the box next to the item they would like to purchase how items they would like and then click check out may. By adding the hypertext feature, will be benefit to customer who don’t have a Kudler Fine Foods in their area or a customer that may not