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Task 1

Information is passed back and forth between your computer and the website server constantly when browsing the internet. An example of this would be shopping on Argos. When you search for a product on Argos you would type in the search field keywords or the product name so for example “LG TV 32 in”, your computer would send the search command to the Argos server which will then search a product database for all the products with the words “LG”, “TV” and “32 in” in its name and description.

Once the Argos server has found all the relevant products with the correct keywords in them it will show you them all in a list with a thumbnail image and a short description and every product has its own unique reference code.

When you click on an item your computer will send a search command for the product with that unique reference code. The Argos server will then send back a more in-depth description of the item and larger images; this is done for every item you click on after searching.

When you add something to your “trolley” you are sending the item to a newly made purchase table which will hold the information on the product, price and the quantity of that item you are buying.

After you have “go to buy your trolley” the Argos server will send a form for the user to fill out with their card details for purchase, the filled form will then be sent back to the Argos server encrypted for security.

Web 2.0 technologies are websites in which the main content of the website is written and uploaded by the community and not the company; an example of a web 2.0 website is Facebook where all the information,