Website Security Risks And Protection Methods

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Assignment 1: Website Security Risks and Protection Methods.

Task 1.
Lots of people see the internet in different ways due to many different factors for example: Young people see the internet as a good way of socialising and online shopping, young people have been brought up to use the internet right from day one at school. This is because they think they understand the way it works.
But some elderly people may see the internet as a bad thing because they are not use to it because it was a later invention from when they were young, but also they feel uncomfortable when doing things such as online banking and shopping.
Task 2.
There are lots of security issues that companies can face like hackers (black hat, grey hat and white hat), phishing, and viruses (malware, trojans and worms). This is some more information on each of these security issues.
Black Hat Hackers.
A “black hat” hacker is a hacker who breaks into a computers security system for a non-purpose reason other than personal gain. Black hat hackers brake into really secure networks to destroy data or make it so that the people who run the network are unable to access to the network. They work in 3 stages The Targeting, Research and Information Gathering and Finishing the Attack. Targeting.
This is where the hackers pick their target now this could be an interest they have, political or personal reason or just picked at random. Once they have picked their target they then do a port scan on a network to see if it is vulnerable enough to be hacked.

Research and Gathering Information.
This is the part of the process where the hacker may visit or contact the target to try and find out as much information as they can which will help them hack into the target. Finishing the Attack.
This is when the hacker will attack their chosen target. (this is where most hackers get caught)

White Hat Hackers.
White hat hackers usually hacks security for no real reason it’s usually just to test if their security systems are actually working, or if someone else’s is.

Task 3:
There are a lot of legal issues when it