Wedding Destinations Essay

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Most memorable memory of a person is their wedding. This is the reason it needs a good planning, expert advice and a romantic ending. If you are looking for wedding destinations, below are few best of them.
Santorini Island, Greece: Perfect destination to add some Mediterranean flavor into your wedding together with natural and artificial beauty. Lots of venues are available like the shore of Aegean Sea or a small village.
Maldives: Plan your wedding under coconut leaf thatched-roofed wedding chapel that floats on the water. But it’s not all; there are other choices available to celebrate your love. Under water house reef or a secluded island are the best.
Bali, Indonesia: View the eternal depths of the Indian Ocean as you exchange vows with your partner. Bali also known as the crown jewel of Indonesia, offers a large variety of choices for that wedding of a lifetime. At the same time, you get a chance to get mesmerized in its natural beauty and elegance
Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy: This coastal region is full of hillside buildings, country towns together with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. Ravello is Italy’s most sensational seaside wedding gateway that’s known for its centuries old church, authentic restaurants, relaxing scenery and music.
Maui, Hawaii: White sandy beaches, five star hotels and islands prove to be one of the exotic wedding destinations in world. Plan your wedding on a beautiful landscape with vast stretch of blue waters of the Pacific.