Week 1: Advances in Technology Essay

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Week 1 Essay: “Advancements in technology resulted from legislated Acts”

The advances of information in technology has advanced so much in the past couple of years that it has stemmed into new ethical matters necessary in the establishment of particular acts to be recognized in which the government implemented. These wide-ranging topics in relation to informational electronic systems include the control and access to information, confidentiality and exploitation of privacy data, and worldwide communications amongst those with access to it. As a result, improvements in info structures also involved social media associations. Electronic systems of communications have now extended unto different levels of government and congress, as well as the workplace, and also inside the private lives of people that although they may be without access to these systems, they are however affected in considerable ways by them. The new lawful assessments were essential and deemed necessary in order to stabilize the requests and privileges of everyone. Two of theses Acts includes are The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 1970 (FCRA) and The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 1970 (FCRA) was passed to promote accurateness, equality, and ensured that consumers have access to information about them that lenders, insurers, and others obtain from credit bureaus and use to make decisions about providing credit and other services. The advances in information technology that resulted in new ethical issues necessitating in the creation of the FCRA, is that in today’s society various agencies can have access to their own and the personal information of others right from home. There have been some modifications to the Fair Credit Reporting Act which was passed by Congress in the later years made some enhancements for clients to upsurge the accurateness of their credit reports, along with the prevention of identity theft, and the restriction to marketing of commercial products using sensitive data which is shared through associates. The FCRA amendments also offer for one free credit report per year from each agency and assured consumers access to