Week 1 Assigment 1 Essay

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1. What is the difference between a discussion you have in a college class and a casual conversation with a friend? The difference between classroom discussions versus a casual conversation with a fellow friend, are noticeable by the way you present yourself all around. Within the classroom, your manner of speaking is clear and precise. The body language is also more professional, respectful and aware of other’s emotions. There are no slangs, sloppy posture and not willing to understand the other person’s point of view. We as classmates are able to communicate well with another and help each other grow. Now when it comes to a friend, your way of presenting yourself changes. When you feel negative or positive you convey it to your friend. Sometimes without regard of how your friend might feel or not knowing if they understand you. There are no boundaries with conversation when it comes to friends really. Friendship is a beautiful bond to have, but lack of communication easily occurs.

2. What are three different ways you can demonstrate respect for your fellow classmates during class discussions? It is my understanding and belief that there are three keys to showing respect to a fellow classmate. One example for instance, is how you approach your classmate. Making sure your posture is friendly and showing positive attitude. Remember a friendly smile and a warm welcome makes great company (That’s my motto and I embrace it!). Second form of respect would be language,