Psy 270 Value Systems

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Value Systems
Tasha Ross
February 25th, 2015
Frank Brusinski

Value Systems To begin with, there are seven different value systems discussed in the text. The value system I agree with most is tossed between legalism and and ethical relativism. Legalism is a legalistic approach that formulates ethical behavior on the basis of moral laws from an external source as religion. (Rathus 2011) My faith is Christian, and I believe that all people should base their morals from the bible, but in this society its hard to justify the reasoning on my faith. Most just push it aside, and believe what they are going believe in. This is where the value system of ethical relativism comes into play. This view says that it is assumed that diverse values are basic to human existence.(Rathus 2011) I do not reject the fact that there is not a single, view of values, because I believe there is, but I agree with the ethical relativism view because it also states that in this view the heart of human morality and that is to reason one's own values and apply them according to one's own conscience.(Rathus 2011) In the belief of a Christian, it is important to share and live your faith, but as I have learned you can not force religion or beliefs down a person’s throat. That if they are going to believe in Jesus and God, that it has to be their choice, no one else. I believe that people can live with their own basis of morals, its for each person to decide their moral conduct