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August 29, 2014
Captain Honor’s behavior does not fully fit my schema of an effective leader. After researching more information about the incident, I believe that Captain Honors thought that he was providing comedy and laughter to an otherwise rigid environment. He showed a weakness in his leadership by acting in this manner. I believe that he used poor judgment by showing the video. I don’t believe that he realized the perception that he was portraying to his crew. I am sure that he was trying to use this video as a means to express his point about allowing gay people into the military, but going about it this way was a childish way to do it. He had great influence on the men on his ship. How did he know that one of the men on his crew wasn’t gay or that they had gay friends or family? What kind of perception of him would they then have? He was their leader and should be leading by example. Good leaders take into account the perceptions of all of their employees and how they perceive the world through their social perceptions. Captain Honors also displayed a stereotype of gay people. His statement was that ALL gay people acted in the way he portrayed them in the video. He also believed that no one would be offended by the foul language and sexual displays. I watched the video and although I found it humorous, I would have been totally embarrassed to watch it with people I work with, especially if they had been in it. According to news reports, he had a good rapport with his crew and they backed him 100 percent and acknowledged it online. This shows how influential he was to his crew. He should have thought about the repercussions that would follow from doing this and the perception of how his employees would look at him in the future as well as his commanders’ perceptions of him. Captain Honors made a bad choice and when the video surfaced, lost his job and then his credibility with the Navy. References:
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Professor Curtis Curry
August 30, 2014
According to the chapter opening case, qualities that are inherent to high-level executives such as Mark Zuckerberg are in line with the Big Five Personality Dimensions, including extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience. In the second sentence of the case, Zuckerberg’s father described him as “strong-minded” and “persistent” (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012). Throughout my life, my parents labeled me as “strong-willed” and “stubborn”. I always had an “I can do that” attitude. I disliked the idea that someone would tell me I couldn’t do something.
When comparing myself to the portrayal of Zuckerberg in the case story, I find many similarities such as being socially awkward or disinterested. It is not that I am either, I just have