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Article Critique: Masking Poor Communication
Interpersonal Communication/COM200
11 January2015
Instructor Kyla Hammond

Article Critique: Masking Poor Communication Miscommunication is something I experience often in my current job if not on a weekly bases and is always something that is preventable. My occupation's primary focus in the Army is to run day to day operations in an Aviation unit. We manage everything from flying hours on aircraft to track maintenance requirements, coordinate and conduct high profile training exercises with our unit with outside organizations. Pretty everything that makes an Aviation unit run aviation operations specialists have a hand in it. The current position I currently hold is the Regimental Schools NCOIC, which is pretty much student adviser for over 3,600 Soldiers and training budget manager.

Recently I ran into a situation where I put information to all the other schools ncos to tell their students prior to their class beginning. I sent out an email with reporting instructions to the student and their schools ncos, but on reporting day all but one showed up in the right uniform. When I confronted the schools nco about the mishap he proceeded to tell me that he made assumptions about the information to tell the Soldiers when reporting to class, but in reality the packing list was updated and uniform changed. I immediately thought that this could of all been avoided if this guy would have just read his, done a packing list layout and made sure the Soldier was right.

Now that I had to time to think about it I think I usually the who over communicates with my Soldiers. I do believe that could of done better job to ensure the message was delivered and understand by all parties. In the future I could of followed up with a phone call to ensure that the right information was going to be put out and I could of also made face to face contact with the recipients to really drive the point home. To add redundancy to the process I could meet with all of the students to have a layout of all required uniforms and equip prior to reporting as well. Short of going to the homes all students we have to assume that even though