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Week 1 Homework Case 1.1: Drexler’s World Famous Bar-B-Que Drexler’s Restaurant has been the pride of a community in Houston Texas since the late 1940’s. Although the restaurant has changed ownership over the years it has not lost its place in the community. Drexler’s shares in community involvement as well as benefits from the loyalty of its customer base. Because of its enormous success over the years Drexler’s has under gone remodeling and reconstruction. The current owner Eunice Scott is very involved with the day to day operations and has become to be counted on to undertake the role of hostess throughout the business day inquiring of customers as to their levels of customer service satisfaction. The establishment has maintained its hours of operations which do not include Sundays and Mondays, and has refused to expand its operations beyond its present one. Even so the company is a mainstay in the community and has greatly benefited from the loyalty exhibited by the community.

1. What roles do values play in how the Drexler’s restaurant interfaces with its neighbors and customers?
Values play a huge role in the Drexler’s way of doing business. Being that Mrs. Scott is on hand to influence the day to day operations the total business approach seems to be one aimed at giving customers a fair product in exchange for their patronage. The company is totally built on ownership and the employee base taking responsibility for the customer experience. Even though the business has grown and obviously been successful it has not lost its small customer satisfaction driven feel in huge part due to Mrs. Scott continued approach to the business.

2. Is Drexler’s an effective organization? Why?
Here my response is one of relativity…I would say YES; Drexler’s is successful in that its success has made demands on the business that have resulted in expansion and growth. It is a pillar in the community that has come to be counted on by the community it serves and in turn the community has rewarded it with its loyalty and patronage. Some of my contemporaries might theorize that Drexler’s is not successful in part because of its refusal to expand operations and hours. However, I would applaud the leadership for properly understanding the origins of the company’s success and being aware of the