Functions Of Human Resource Management

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What is Human Resource Management?
Gina Chavez
HRM 300
October 20, 2014
Timothy Turcotte
In the following paper I will define human resource management, discuss the primary functions of human resource management and describe the role of human resource management in an organizations strategic plan. I will also discuss my personal experience with human resources management throughout the paper.
What is Human Resource Management?
Human resource management, sometimes known as HRM or HR, is a part of an organization administration. The HR department focus on the recruitment of, the management of and providing direction for the employees that work in a given organization. It is also the part of the company that helps ensures that employee’s behavior and the behavior of the organization toward employees is consistent, as well as ensuring that the organization has the right people for the job. HR is often the most important part of an organization, it helps shape and facilitate change within the company while at the same time being constructive and productive. HR is a part of almost all businesses and organizations and can be found all over the world. Generally HR mangers have a bachelor’s degree, are very professional, and have some supervisor experience.
Primary Functions of Human Resource Management The primary functions of HR is to recruit employees, implement policies and procedures, oversee processes, train supervisors, motivate employees, ensure employees are paid according to laws and organizational regulations, and resolve grievances. This is only naming some of varies activities that HR is responsible for. Within each of the tasks mentioned there are other aspects including internal and external factors that present themselves. The way a human resource department is run plays an important part in employee retention. If an employee is not getting the answers that they need from an HR department it might cause the employee to look for employment in another organizations. Human resource management is about accountability, for both the employees and the organization. The human resources department also helps administer benefits and programs such as health insurance and workers compensation insurance. They also help supervisors comply with employment laws such as Equal Opportunity and Occupational Safety Health Act as well as local labor laws. They are constantly busy ensuring that the employees and the supervisors of the organization are enforcing rules and regulations, they do this by consistently training the supervisors and being on top of new laws. Each employee of the HR department should know both federal and state laws as well as any local laws in order to help keep the organization and the employees in compliance.
Human Resource Management in an Organization Strategic Plan
The human resources department in an organizations strategic plan is essential. As is the strategic plan of HR. The organizations strategic plan is what