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Cortez White
Professor Johnson
EET 2264 N25
Journal Week 1
The first week of class was an introduction, familiarizing ourselves with the class syllabus and what is to be expected throughout the course. We discussed questions as before you begin working on a PC what should you do? When setting up your work area to begin disassembly/assembly of a PC, what should you do? Where should you put your components after removing them from the PC? What drivers do you need (at least 5) to locate before you begin loading your software? Is a diagram of the PC you are working on is a good idea. Why should you not handle the CPU, if at all possible? What is the purpose of an anti-static strap? Why should you store components in an anti-static bag? Why is it important to document your activities when working on PCs? And is it important to work quickly when disassembling or assembling a PC.
Our first assignment was to disassemble the HP 5500 desk top computer case. We were given our tools kits “an assortment of screwdrivers and an antistatic bracelet, just to name a few” and I began to disassemble the computer case. Before opening the system case, be sure to turn off the system unit. Hold the power button few seconds to make sure the capacitors have discharged. Unplug the case from the wall socket as well. After that, unplug all the cables connecting to the back of the system unit. After clearing all the connected cables, put the system unit on an empty working table. Touch the unpainted part of your system unit with your bare hands to remove the ESD (Static Electricity) of your body or connect your antistatic bracelet to the computer case. This is an important part before opening your system case. You might destroy your RAM, Chipsets and other components of your motherboard. Remove the cover.
We are now ready to remove the components inside of the computer. The first thing we need to do is remove the power supply. To be able to remove the power supply, remove first the molex connectors (the white plastic connector at the tip of the wires of the power supply) or the motherboard power connector, drive power connectors, the floppy drive power connector, the SATA power connectors and the four pin 12-volt motherboard connector. With all power connectors are removed from the motherboard and drives, the power supply is now ok to be removed as well. Always have the removed components placed in a remote and safe place away from where you are performing computer disassembly. With the power supply removed, the data cable should be removed next. This includes IDE, SATA, and floppy drive cables. Secure the removed data cables. Next to remove are the RAM, Video Card and other card peripheral components. Again have them secured in a safe place and put the screws back. Clean the connector edges of the card peripherals by rubbing the gold colored edge moderately with a rubber eraser then brushing off the shredding. Do not attempt to clean the edge by blowing or brushing it off with your fingers. Our body is acidic and you might only cause the edges to tarnish faster. Remove all drives. This…