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Chapter 3 – Attending concerts

Associate with public events .Based on everyday courtesy. Example of golf tournament or piano recital at Carnegie hall. Unwelcome disruptions are not courteous.
Bought ticket to a concert of an orchestra. Go to page 20 in your book. Become familiar with music you will be hearing. Arrive early and read the printed program. On page 20, orchestra plays opening piece. 2nd piece features a soloist. This is what you can expect. Orchestra enters state and begin to tune their instruments before concert begins. The principle violinist enters last. The audience applauds when he finally enters. Then the concert master begins to tune with the orchestra. Then he later sits, and the conductor enters. The audience applauds again at this point. Conductor gives downbeat, and the music begins. In the program, notice the 4 italian terms listed. These describe the tempos for each of the 4 movements (see page 17 in your book). Orchestra pauses after the first movement. You do nothing at this point. Hold applause until after the first full beat. When conductor obviously lowers his or her arms, everyone should applause.
The concerto has 3 movements. At end of the piece, you applause again. If applause continues after soloist and conductor leaves the stage, soloist will re-enter for a 2nd bow.
At this point, you can take a break.
When you can applaude (see page 14 in book)
1 -Concert master enters
2 -Conductor Enters
3 -Soloist Enters
4 - A piece concludes

Composition Selection/Movement Composer As played

“For Unto Us A Child is Born Handel

FOUR SEASONS Lots of string instruments (reminds you of skipping through the fields or old time waltz music, Goes into really fast violin solo in middle.
2nd part is slower