Analysis Of The University Of Phoenix's Work

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The best way to describe how the University of Phoenix works is to explain that it is not a just a normal college, I for instance am doing my degree online. In order to do this you must first get onto the internet or the “web”. After getting online you go to the University of Phoenix Website at I enrolled in classes and they sent me to a seminar on how to use there classrooms online. The classrooms use asynchronous communication. According to Webster’s dictionary asynchronous communication is by definition being digital communication (as between computers) in which there is no timing requirement for transmission and in which the start of each character is individually signaled by the transmitting device. By using an electronic forum which is much like a message board at your current place of employment one may join a threaded discussion started by your instructor. The instructor posts questions, requests or directives to the to the forum and students reply which then becomes a threaded forum. When a student replies, or if the instructor answers your question that is known as feedback. Now what is the point in all this you may ask your self? Well to be simple your participation grade, Participation is used to grade you in your classroom work. Are you responsive to what is being said in the electronic forum? Are you using the threads reading what others have said? All of this boils down to participation and usage hopefully this will help you in your decision…