Week 14 Conclusion Essay

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200584 Managing in the Global
Week 14
Conclusion &
Study Tips for the Exam
Dr Louise Kippist


End Message
What to expect in the exam
Tips to prepare for the Exam
Key conceptual areas to understand the issues of Global Management

End Message
Drawing on the knowledge that you have gained in Managing in the Global
Environment this semester will provide you, as a potential or current manager, with:
• An understanding of how the dramatic changes in the ways of doing business globally require a new model of management, due to economic and political upheavals and greater interdependencies between governments and organisations.
• A realisation that cultural assumptions give rise to different values, beliefs and behaviours of managers, employees and the work environment. • Recognising and utilising the differences and similarities between cultures are part of being a successful manager in the global environment. 1


Part 2: Exam

What to bring
 A pen
 A spare pen
 Your student ID card
 Knowledge and enthusiasm


What to expect in the exam
• 2 hour closed book exam
• Based on content knowledge from
–Lecture Slides
–Tutorial activities
–Cultural values dimensions handout
(Week 2 and 3 Learning Materials)



Tips: Preparation for the exam
Review tutorial activities from each week that have focussed on
Trompenaar, Hofstede and Ferraro’s cultural value dimensions; motivation theory; leadership theory; negotiation; ethics; global business environment; managing teams; competencies for managers and political risk.
Identify the cultural value dimensions and specific theories from this Unit and how they influence individual and group behaviour
Reflect on your understanding of the theory you have learnt in this
Unit (including the cultural value dimensions) and explain to yourself why using these theories helps your understanding of how individuals and groups behave in the global workplace

The Exam
• Answer each question using theory from
Managing in the Global Environment only.
• Read each question carefully and look for what the question is specifically asking you.
• All answers need a logical and structured response. • Only 1 answer book will be provided.
• When asked for examples use examples from
Managing in the Global Environment only.

The Exam

• 4 Questions, each worth 10 marks
• All questions need to be answered in clear legible writing • The examination is worth 40% of the overall mark for the unit
• Students must achieve a mark of at least 18/40 in the examination, in order to pass the Unit



Exam Questions

The following questions are the bank of 8 questions – 4 questions for the Final exam and
4 questions for the Deferred exam
• You need to prepare for all these questions

Exam Question
• Describe three (3) strategies that managers, who work in the global environment can use to reduce political risk. Include the benefits of using each strategy in your answer. (10

Exam Question
Apply the Model of Culture and Job Motivation below to develop a model for motivating workers in Mexico. Use each of the concepts in the model to explain your answer. (10
Meaning of Work



Group Behaviour

Appropriate Motivators
Intrinsic - Extrinsic



Exam Question
• Discuss the difference between process strategies and task strategies that managers could use when managing multicultural teams. Use theory from this Unit and provide relevant country examples in your discussion.
(10 Marks)

Exam Question
Compare and contrast how individuals from Australian culture and another country culture (culturally and linguistically diverse) use different approaches to business negotiations.
Use theory from this Unit in your answer. (10 Marks)

Exam Question

• Discuss how the specific cultural dimensions in countries can make the implementation of universal ethical