Week 14 Writing Response Essay

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Week #14 Writing Response

Directions: Please respond to the following prompts. Be sure to thoroughly answer each question. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

1. What have you learned from this research assignment? Be sure to focus, in part, on what you have learned from researching other opinions on the issue. Your response should be about 1 page double-spaced).
I’ve learned many things in different aspects during this research assignment. Such as, when writing a research paper you need to be prepared. It needs to be done in periods of time and not in a few hours of handwork. (This is how I usually work on my assignments.) In researching other opinions, I’ve realized anyone can write anything and put it on the internet. It’s especially easy to become swayed by the information you read. I will read a different opinion and think ‘they have a really good point, maybe I’m wrong’. Or I’ll read an article defending my point of view and I get stirred up on the subject. It’s a challenging task taking four sources all into account and trying to tie them into each other. I do feel like this is good practice for everyday life and future upper level classes I will be taking. With the essay #4 assignment the instructions and timeline were laid out very clear. In higher classes this may not be done and so, in writing essay #4 it gives me practice and idea of what to expect. In everyday life it helps with discerning false or not reliable sources. We are