How Would You Describe Music By The American Composers Of This Chapter?

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Week 16 discuss
1 How would you describe music by the American composers of this chapter?
Much more free than ever before. In our last chapter we heard the artists reaching for extremes to break away from the normalcy of life and musical styles. They worked so hard at being in opposition to what was considered standard and acceptable; they seemed to lose sight of what music actually is. I realize that stirring emotion is a forefront in the purpose behind music, but simple because it stirs emotions does not make it so. I am not a huge fan of jazz but for America it has become a lifestyle more than just a genre. Elvis changed the face of music for all time. Composers such as Louie Armstrong, Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, miles Davis, Janis Joplin, and even Michael Jackson have changed and made history in music. I would have to say simply for the musicians and compositions during the 20th century have been life changing.
2. Should the government provide funding for the arts?
If we are speaking about school then without a doubt. The arts are and forever will be a necessity in our culture. Without the teachings of the great professors, scholars, and artists, many would be artistes could be lost. Our young students are in jeopardy of losing the availability of an at filled education in school, and I believe we have an obligation to ensure that it does not happen.
3. Discuss a few things you learned in this class and/or how it affects how you listen to music differently now.
I listened to music, but I do not believe that I truly listened. I hear so much more now than I did before I was challenged by this course to become more educated. I hear more of the separations of time periods; alongside this, I hear the individuality of rhythm, time and color.
4. Discuss any ideas on how to improve this class.
The only thing I found could use more of was practice. When I was struggling with an idea or concept such as timbre and its meaning, or forms such aabb, I