Essay on Week 2 Assignment 1 Art And Intention

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Art & Intention
Sarah Boyer
Anna Vida

When you look at this piece of art and try to understand it, it can be very confusing to a lot of viewers. Many viewers of this piece were offended by it. They were offended by it due to the fact that it has no female body in it and the viewer’s felt as though the painting was in a mocking like manor if you will. You see, back in this time when this painting was created, woman were considered fragile and needed to be shown things lightly, so to speak.
What was found objectionable to this painting was that no woman could be seen in the painting. Viewers objected to painting because of this reason. In that time and in that type of society, seeing a naked man in a painting was just do risqué for those times.
Looking at this painting, it just seems the painter was trying to incorporate different styles of painting and to show different types of art work with in one painting. On one had you would have a certain type of form and on the other hand you have another form of art over lapping the other. It’s actually quite unique and intriguing if you think about it.
I am not really sure if I can say I can appreciate this piece or not. I only say this due to the fact that the painting is over lapped over and over and over again and it’s very confusing and frustrating to find what is supposed to be there. It’s hard to appreciate something that is not really all that clear to see. I can appreciate the meaning that it