What Is The Four Contexts That Motivate Learning

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Write a paragraph summarizing the four contexts that motivate learning ?

The Four contexts that motivate learning are Practical,Personal,Experiential and Idealistic. Each context of motivation everyone has their own experiences of reason. My personal context motivation was returning to college to further my education and gain more knowledge to earn my degree in early childhood education. Practical context of learning is learning something that I realize that in the future it would benefit me. Personal context of learning is something that I would like to accomplish in my life long goals. Experiential context are my experiences throughout my pasts events or life lessons. Idealistic context of learning would be any of my future ideas to explore in discovering something new.

Write a second paragraph that focuses on the particular context that you believe motivates your learning. Use a specific example to demonstrate how this context motivates your learning?

Motivation for me is returning to school ,as an adult learner is brought on by many different factors in my life. The Main Context is personal and which reflect my interest or reason for seeking to gain more knowledge and earn an Degree in Early childhood Education.. Being personally motivated it motivates me to do better now, as an adult, rather than to fall into your parent's footsteps because they wasn’t as fortunate to have an opportunity to earn their degrees in college.
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