Essay on Week 2 Assignment December 27th 2014

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Week 2 assignment
Bernice young
Ashford University
Introduction to Film
ENG 225
Laura Carter
December 27, 2014
Thesis statement
Diary of a mad black woman written and produced by Tyler Perry does not really fit into a specific film genre. It is one of three Comedy, romantic, and drama. I would have to say it is in a category of genre of its own. It is recognized thought as a romantic, comedy, drama. Diary of a mad black woman depicts how a movie that does not quite fit one particular movie genre ,but can still capture an audience of extreme diversity .


In diary of a mad black woman, Tyler Perry combines Drama, comedy, and romance into a unique one of a kind film that nearly all audience can enjoy. While critics may disagree, audiences everywhere have enjoyed watching diary of a mad black woman. Helen McCarter (played by Kimberly Elise) is celebrating her 18th wedding anniversary to her attorney husband Charles (played by Steve Harris) when problems occur. Helen returns home one afternoon to find all her clothes and removed from her closet. She sees a brand new rack of designer clothes that were not in her closet before; she assumes that Charles has brought her a new wardrobe. Charles returns home that night and is not alone. His mistress, who is the mother of his two illegitimate children and the woman he wants to marry, is with him. Helen is devastated by the news and is in denial as she begs Charles not to leave her.
Her husband Charles, who is arrogant and selfish, has hired moving l service to take away all of Helen's possessions from the premises. In the most degrading possible, way, Charles drags Helen and tosses her out of the house. Nowhere to go, Helen asks the U-Haul driver named Orlando (played by Shemar Moore) to drive her to her Aunt Medea's house. Reluctant to get involved, Orlando agrees to help Helen. After Orlando and Helen argue on the way to her aunt's house, Helen gets into the driver's seat and she takes off leaving Orlando stranded and without his truck. Once at Aunt Medea's house (played by Tyler Perry) Helen must do a little explaining in order to stay with the aunt she has abandoned since she married Charles. It seems Charles did not want Helen to have anything to do with her less than fortunate relatives afraid that it will taint his perfect image. . Medea is a sassy woman who becomes infuriated when she hears about what Charles has done to Helen. The following morning she convinces Helen to go back to the mansion and go on a rampage. The two women end up behind bars after Charles calls the police. , Helen's cousin Brian (played by Tyler Perry) bails the two women out. Helen's mother (played by Cicely Tyson) is a religious woman who urges Helen to heal her pain through prayer and forgiveness. When Helen sees Orlando again during a family barbecue, romantic sparks begin to fly between them. For the first time in her adult life, Helen is forced to get gainful employment. , Helen gets work as a waitress at a restaurant and starts earning her own money. Helen gets deep satisfaction the way she has stood on her own two feet and rebuilt her life. At the divorce hearing, Helen surprises everyone when she tells the judge that she wants nothing from Charles other than her attorney’s fees. In addition, her mother’s stay paid at the nursing home she lives at. When Charles is shot and paralyzed by an upset client Helen rushes to his side Torn between compassion and revenge, Helen takes care of Charles and nurses him back to health. Orlando has presented her with an engagement ring and is awaiting