Week 2 case study Essay

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Week 2- Case Study Analysis
Dionne Johnson-Snagg
Kathryn McCarty
Week 2 Case Study Analysis

Carl Robins is a new recruiter at ABC, Inc., he has only been with the company for six months. For his first recruitment effort it was quite successful however, there are some things that can make this success go in the opposite direction.
This Case study is based on Carl Robins who is a newly hired recruiter at ABC, Inc. His job is to recruit as many new hires as possible. In April, Carl was able to hire 15 trainees. With them being hired in April, Carl is trying to get them scheduled to be trained and ready to go by July. In mid-May Carl was contacted by Monica (the trainees would be working for her) regarding the new trainees and the variety of things that needed to be done which all falls underneath Carls’ duties. Carl reassured Monica that everything would be handled in a timely manner. Orientation was scheduled for June 15th and after the Memorial holiday Carl needed to finalize a few things. Once Carl took the time to look through the files he found a few causes for concern. There were incomplete applications, missing transcripts and none of the trainees had their mandatory drug screenings done. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he only found three copies of the orientation manuals and they all had several pages missing. Also, the room that Carl was planning to use for training the new hires is already booked for the entire month of June for training seminars.
Key Problems
As you read above there are quite a few problems that Carl will have to find a way to deal with. It seems that maybe Carl is not ready for this much responsibility because his communication and sense of urgency need work. He was successful in the amount of people that he was able to hire for his first attempt in this position. That can easily be overshadowed by all the problems that are coming about. It seems like Carl thought that things could be done at the last minute and still be able to all fall into place. In order for Carl to make this work he will probably have to reach out for help. Which makes me wonder if this is his first time in a role like this. Even if that is not the case with the company knowing that he is still fairly new they should have had someone assisting him with this first project. There are 15 new hires and Carl was only able to find three orientation manuals that cannot be used because they are all missing pages. I’m not certain if it is Carls’ responsibility to make sure that applicants documents are received or applications are completed but that was not done successfully. Without proper documentation for the new hires I’m assuming this will prevent them from actually being able to work on the desired date. None of the applicants had taken their mandatory drug screening as yet and that is something that would definitely prevent them from working. Lastly, the room that Carl intended on using for training is already booked for the entire month of June. This all sounds like a disaster but hopefully there is some way to remedy the situation.
The case study was not very specific when it came to possible solutions to these problems so I will draw some conclusions of my own. The training manuals could possibly be printed out for each trainee, viewed solely online or maybe even ordered in time for the training. The applications are an easy fix. If some of the applications are missing information all that would be necessary there is for them to fill it out in its entirety. As far as the training room is concerned, it…