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Hello may I speak to ________ (Patients Name)
Hi _______ my name is __________ how are you doing today? Great!

We’re sending you out by UPS a topical pain and scar cream, this will be at no cost to you or your family, your insurance company have already pre-approved you. You still have the name of the insurance company you are with correct? Great!

You are under the age of 65 as well right (If no, call over)

Ok great now just to make sure that we get you the correct cream with the correct FDA approved ingredients in it. Which of the following are you suffering from back pain, leg pain, neck, shoulder, foot pain, it can even be something on the line of joint pain, nerve pain or arthritis?(Show Empathy)

Ok, also do you have any of the following; stretch marks, surgical scars, scars from an injury old or new, scars from acne, skin rash, or burns

Ok do you have any of these problems; jock itch, foot fungus, nail fungus, warts, athlete’s feet, skin infections, foot cramps, rough/dry feet, or just the small cracks around the bed of your nails, like when your skin peel a little around the finger nail bed from being to dry or washing your hands a lot?

Now last but not least on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest how bad are your headaches when you have one?

Ok I see you do qualify so let’s get that cream out to you, again this is no cost to you at all, your insurance company cover the cost of the topical creams for six months and we cover the co pay, doctor fee and UPS changes. Now ________ (customer name) I need you to do two things for