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Outdoor Cooking Tips from Fritos

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Outdoor Cooking Tips from Fritos
For this analysis I chose the vintage advertisement of “Outdoor Cooking Tips from Fritos” which was published on 1957. This advertisement was targeted to customers that enjoy outdoors and helps to promote free outdoor cooking ideas that come with the purchase of the product. Most consumers look for different recipes and ideas to cook outdoors when they have family and friends get together. By having new ideas they can spice it up a little and always bring something different to the table. The Fritos ad is effective in persuading people to buy this product for three reasons: it appeals to reason, credibility, and emotions.
First, this advertisement focuses on the credibility (Ethos) of the product and emphasizes in the points that catches the consumer’s attention. They do this by providing free tips as outdoors cooking ideas, fire building tips, handy helpers, recipes for sauces, time guide for beginners, and cooking hints. This also helps to sell more products because the consumer will not only buy the Frito’s, they can also obtain the guide for free by purchasing the product and it is a bang for their buck, plus by taking the extra time to make the guide shows how much they care about their product and customers.
Second, the ad appeals to consumers emotions (Pathos). They do this by creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment. My first impression of the advertisement was that everyone around the grill looked as they were having a good time, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors around the trees in a sunny day. My opinion is that this is what customers look for when planning an outdoor get together and grilling which is just what the advertisement is showing and it hits the point.