Week 2 Essay

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Question 1
Needs Grading LOCATION: Outpatient, Hospital
PATIENT: Glory Ann Borden
SURGEON: Mohomad Almaz, MD
DIAGNOSIS:Right carpal tunnel syndrome
PROCEDURE PERFORMED:Right carpal tunnel release
PROCEDURE: The patient was placed in the supine position on the operating room table, where her right hand and forearm were prepped with Betadine and draped in a sterile fashion. We infiltrated the thenar crease area with 1% Xylocaine, and once adequate anesthesia had been achieved, we exsanguinated the hand and forearm with an Esmarch bandage. We then created a longitudinal incision just at the ulnar aspect of the thenar crease and carried the dissection down through the subcutaneous tissue. We identified the transverse carpal
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Then the vest was applied. The patient was then discharged to the recovery room to have films taken in the recovery room. Identify the correct procedure (CPT-4) code(s) for the outpatient hospital visit for patient Josh Blake:

CPT-4: __________
Selected Answer: 20661
Correct Answer:
20661 (Halo, Cranial) RATIONALE: A cranial halo is applied to stabilize the patient's neck to repair C1 and C2 fractures. The application of the halo is coded with 20661. Question 5
Needs Grading LOCATlON: Outpatient, hospital
PATIENT: May Leigh
SURGEON: Mohamad Almaz, MD
PREOPERATIVE DlAGNOSIS: Osteoarthritis, left knee.
PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Left total knee arthroplasty.
ESTIMATED BLOOD LOSS: Minimal Following satisfactory preoperative review and assessment and full discussion, the patient was brought to the operating room where under general anesthesia examination confirmed patient to demonstrate excellent appearance of her right total knee and increased valgus and crepitus of the left knee. The left knee was then elevated, scrubbed, prepped and draped in the usual fashion and utilizing a standard midline incision the subcutaneous tissues were dissected, the medial retinaculum was opened and the underlying knee joint identified with advanced osteoarthritic changes present. The distal femur, proximal tibia and patella were resected in the normal