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Team D Week Two

Math Case Study Review from Chapter 5 and 6

LaChundra Bray, Silvia P. Reyes Hernandez, Thomas Laing,
Susan Rodgers, and Mona Roulaine
QRB/501 – Quantitative Reasoning

Walden Gemmil

Math Case Study Review from Chapter 5 and 6

This week Team D was tasked with reviewing and solving case study 5.2 and 6.2 from respective chapters 5 and 6 of the ninth edition of Business Math. Additionally the team members were required to submit a paragraph explaining any issues or successes we individually had in answering the case study questions. The following are a compilation of Team D’s thoughts on this assignment.

Susan Rodgers
I completed case study 6-2 question 2. I found 2A to be simple but effective in finding the answers I needed. However 2B was a problem for me. I understand that it is just finding the difference and that is just subtracting unfortunately I could not understand what equation I was supposed to use to find my answers. I had to ask help from my team mates to find the answers for 2B. Thankfully I think I figured it out. I hope that I have been able to use the equations correctly.

Mona Roulaine
This was a hard week for me. While I understand the concept of what we are doing, since I work in excel and build formulas every day. I struggled greatly with the format the assignment was in. Having to look in multiple places for the information was no fun either. Especially using this new format for textbooks where you cannot scroll the entire book per page or search within other chapters that are not open at that time.

LaChundra Bray
I have to admit that this week was a struggle for myself. This class has opened my eyes to different equations that I have not used in years and it may take some time to get adjusted to it all. I was able to look over both cases found it to be difficult to figure out which formulas went where and when to plug in different figures. Again this is my first online Math class and I can honestly say that it frustrating not knowing what is needed or expected of me at all times. I have looked at the equations and it seemed to come together after looking at the