Technology And Social Change In The Blind Side

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Technology and Social Change
In this assignment, the writer of this essay was to view a film of his or her own choice in silent mode. The objective was to describe social themes that were seen throughout the movie, identify types of behavior, explain the behavior, summarize why it is important in sociological understanding, suggest why it might be generalized to society, and conclude the key points. The content in this paper is pulled from scenes from the movie, “The Blind Side”.
“The Blind Side” is a film John Lee Hancock produced that shows social inequality. The movie is about a poor African American male who is trying to fit into an all-white community when he is taken in by the Tuohy family, who are very wealthy. He later becomes a sought after football player, but not without having first felt discriminated against because of his race and indifferences. Throughout the film, social themes of racism, lifestyle, and upcoming recognition can be depicted in nonverbal and symbolic behaviors.
Social Theme Scenes
Highlighting on a few social themes from the film—starting with racism, Michael is stereotyped while he walks through the school, or is playing football because of his race. Another example of social theme is Leigh Anne’s lifestyle. Her well-dressed appearance, her beautiful home, her involvement with Michael’s wellbeing inside and outside of school, and the places she socializes with her friends shows her social lifestyle as a strong, competitive, and compassionate person. Michael’s lifestyle; he grew up in poverty, his mother was a drug abuser, and he lived in multiple foster homes which he ran away from. In the last example of social theme, as Michael becomes the number one player on his football team, many colleges have their interest set on him. A turn in Michael’s life has him learning to become a part of the all-white community because now of all the special treatment and attention he is getting.
Identifying and Interpretation of Body Language
Identifying body languages and explaining its interpretation throughout the movie—in racial scenes, while Michael is in the presence of many of the folks in the white community, many nonverbal (facial and body expressions) behaviors make it obvious that Michael does not belong there. Intimidating stares and stances from students makes Michael seclude himself to being alone. Leigh Anne’s body language makes her lifestyle seem confident, controlling, and caring. The scene where she goes after Michael, while he is walking in the rain, shows her concerned and caring so much that she has him staying with her family for the night. In another scene, Leigh Anne meets up with her friends for lunch at a classy restaurant, the women’s well-dressed appearance shows that they are not of the lower-class, but are wealthier than the average. Leigh Anne’s expression at some point shows her disgusted at her friends for their snotty arrogance. In the last scene of the identified language, Michael’s unique strength has colleges pressing to recruit him to the school’s team. As Michael’s expressions change from feeling and looking defeated to feeling wanted, he starts to experience the