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An email passed down from HR Manager Pat Kershaw states that Cost Club will be downsizing the HR department from eight employees to five. Pat requires recommendation on who to terminate and an explanation for the reasoning of the termination. The management team will also want documentation prepared if the employees decide to take action against Cost Club. In the best interest for Cost Club I will be reviewing all personal files and locate who I believe should be terminated.
After reviewing and documenting the eight employee files, I have identified three employees I recommend for termination. I recommend Diane, Greg, and Horatio for the termination in the HR department.
Diane has been in with Cost Club for ten years and is complicate in all records including healthcare issues and concerns. She is able to handle all insurance matters included injury and workers compensation. Diane tends to have attendance issues which cause her not to onsite if needed.
Greg has been with Cost Club for five years and is responsible for hiring new employees along with other related tasks in the department. He currently is unable to work weekends which caused strain on other in the department to cover for him.
Horatio has been with Cost Club for six months and is in the process of learning health and insurance. Horatio has poor English skills which causes his performance to be minimal at best.
Frank is a disabled black male who, since retiring from the military, has been with the company for 15 years. His work experience is broad, having worked in each area of the HR department at one time or another. His disability does not prevent him from doing most tasks, but for about 25% of the tasks he performs, it does take him longer.

Greg has been with the Cost Club HR for 5 years, and has demonstrated considerable ability to learn complex areas quickly, although he’s not above average in any one job. While Frank has been involved in tech