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Article Rebuttal

March 2015

Article Rebuttal
The topic of gun control is a hotly debated and controversial issue in the United States today. The battle over gun control is now being waged through aggressive media campaigns from both sides of politics who has concentrated efforts in influencing public opinion and to put pressure on our politically appointed leaders.
This rebuttal is against an article that suggests if gun control isn’t implemented in the strictest form, “Another massacre will happen. More of our children, teachers, and loved ones will suffer injury and death. More families will be torn apart … unless we act now” (Rohrbaugh, 2013)
Rohrbaugh suggests that back in December 2012, Adam Lanza entered an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut where he massacred twenty elementary children and six adults by using an AR-15 assault rifle and handguns with high-capacity magazines. However, official law enforcement reports had stated that Adam Lanza used a multitude of handguns and an “assault” type rifle but there were no corroborating evidence that any of the magazines were in the high capacity form as he suggests in his various forms of articles and public service announcements.
His article depicts a biased opinion in the highest form of emotional and prejudicial influence. He has expended tremendous amount of resources to develop a public service announcement that shows grade school children dressed in bulletproof attire in a manner to inject scare tactics to parents with school age children. Throughout his article, he continues to blame the “ineffective” gun laws for the massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary school, yet he provides no proof or substantial evidence that the current gun laws were deficient or were the cause of a mentally demented person to kill innocent children and adults at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. He continues with his emotional rant by further stating, “easy access to more guns won't protect us from the forces threatening our communities, but political accountability will.” (Rohrbaugh, 2013)
Regardless of how you address the issue of gun control or gun law reform,